[GB] Monokei Kei V2

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Layout: 60% WK
Case: Aluminium Silver
PCB: Solder

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สิ่งที่มาใน Monokei Kei V2 Kit
- Top และ Bottom Case ที่มาพร้อมแม่เหล็กและปลอกหุ้มแม่เหล็ก
- PCB (Solder, Hotswap หรือ EC)
- Aluminium Plate
- Silicone Pack containing 4 x feet, 8 x gasket socks, 1 x USB cover, 1 x battery sleeve and 1 x plate dampener (in Frost White)*
*(Includes a seion sheet in PORON® Black)
Bluetooth Daughterboard Pack (contains bluetooth daughterboard, daughterboard screws, daughterboard cable, and lithium-ion polymer battery)
Accessories (sticker pack, instruction booklet, and microfibre cloth)
Kaban (Kei Edition)

Typing Angle, Weight and Mounting Style
Typing angle: 6 degrees

60% Solder

60% Hotswap

65% Solder

65% Hotswap

Kohaku Back Plate

Quality Expectations
While we strive to provide a perfect experience, no case can be 100% flawless at our scale of production,
as such the caveats are as follows:
- No scratches on exposed / user facing parts of the keyboard (after installation of plate & PCB).
- Possible machining marks / micro scratches on the inside of the kit / pieces not exposed to the user.
This includes scratches arising from anodisation hooks.
- Screw holes are NOT anodised.
- Possible marks close to screw area.
- Raw top pieces may have scratches present and are susceptible to scratches.
Raw parts may also tarnish over time if left uncoated.
- Anodisation and e-coating variation may be present between top and bottom pieces.
- Copper patina: Copper as a material tarnishes over time.
You can clean it but note that it's a form of oxidation that we cannot control.
- Marks / streaks that are not visible after assembly.
- Please note that your purchase denotes agreement to the pre-order rules which include all the above.


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